PSB DESIGNING par Alex Camarillo
Alex Camarillo explore en détail la créativité faite autour des albums et singles des Pet Shop Boys au cours de leur longue carrière ,la personnalisation des différents formats et la participation d'artistes très talentueux , photographes, créateurs de costumes et graphistes tels que Mark Farrow ,Eric Watson ,David Fielding et Jeffrey Bryant parmi ceux qui ont contribué au design des Pet Shop Boys comme une icône visuelle de la culture pop.
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DJ Culture” was released in 1991 as the first single of “Discography - The Complete Singles Collection”, the first compilation of the band after 4 studio albums. The lyrics, as Neil puts it, “it’s about how facile and pretentious modern life is. Just as in DJ records, everything is sampled to sound authentic.” With this in mind, Eric Watson took the photograph used on the front sleeve in his studio with Neil & Chris behind a turntables & mixer DJ set and using a rack of gear on the back. The idea was originally conceived by Mark Farrow during the Performance Tour when he told the band they should be photographed in front of Chris’s rack of gear. The only sleeve variation on international releases of “DJ Culture” was the japanese version, where the title was presented on white type instead of red, as used on the original release.
DJ Culture” was released in CD, 7” and 12” vinyls including the B-Side “Music for Boys”. Each format presented adjustments on the size of the title in the front sleeve and an italic type was used for the name of the song and the word DJ in italic font was used as a guide to align the tracks and credits copy in the back sleeve. The CD included an Extended Version of “DJ Culture” that was also included in the 12” vinyl along with “Music for Boys Part 2”. A second Remix Single title “DJ Culturemix” was released including a new remix by The Grid, “Music for Boys Part 3” and the new B-Side “Overture to Performance”. With this single was the first time when the band released the Remix Single in all formats: Cassette, CD and Vinyl. The original UK CDs were issued on a cardboard sleeve and then issued in a slim jewel case for European Editions. The single in the US was released only as a Limited Edition 12” vinyl with the same cover as the UK version and a generic die-cut sleeve for “DJ Culturemix”.