PSB DESIGNING par Alex Camarillo
Alex Camarillo explore en détail la créativité faite autour des albums et singles des Pet Shop Boys au cours de leur longue carrière ,la personnalisation des différents formats et la participation d'artistes très talentueux , photographes, créateurs de costumes et graphistes tels que Mark Farrow ,Eric Watson ,David Fielding et Jeffrey Bryant parmi ceux qui ont contribué au design des Pet Shop Boys comme une icône visuelle de la culture pop.
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Fundamental” was released in May 2006 and it’s the ninth studio album of Pet Shop Boys. The visual artwork was designed by Mark Farrow using photographs by John Ross, a famous british photographer who use to work with unusual elements in his projects by combining liquids and neon lights and getting amazing results. A very important characteristic on “Fundamental” was the creation of the title and track listing in real neon lights that was photographed to use on the cover, back cover, inner #covers and CD booklet. Ross also shoot various sessions with Neil Chris for the promotion of the album and is responsable for the architectural photography on “Concrete”, all the photography on “Disco Four” and recently for the “Electric” photo shooting, including its singles.
As part of the promotion for “Fundamental” an Interview CD was released including 18 audio cuts from an interview recorded in London in April 2006 and using one of the shots from John Ross’ photos of the neon lights track list. For the commercial CD release there was 2 different versions of the album, the first one with the regular 12 tracks (Psychological, The Sodom And Gomorrah Show, I Made My Excuses And Left, Minimal, Numb, God Willing, Luna Park, I'm With Stupid, Casanova In Hell, Twentieth Century, Indefinite Leave To Remain & Integral); the second version printed in a black plastic jewel case included a second CD titled “Fundamentalism” with 8 extra tracks including remixes for some of the album tracks and B Sides, each CD was printed with neon colours (one pink, one orange) to match the visual concept of the neon lights. Three 12” Vinyl albums were released as well: one for the regular album and two parts for “Fundamentalism”; each vinyl were printed in doubled sleeves and showed different close-up angles from the track list shooting by John Ross. There were no changes on the cover artwork in the international releases and only the Japanese versions added some additional tracks on their releases: the video of “I’m with stupid” on the regular CD and two extra #tracks on the limited edition “Fundamentalism”.